Tenuta di Ghizzano

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Tenuta di Ghizzano painting
Terre di Pisa
865 acres
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Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini
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Cabernet Sauvignon

A Little Gem from Tuscany

The Venerosi Pesciolini family settled in the Colline Pisane area in the 14th century. For 26 generations, the family has been growing vines, olive trees, and cereals with a deep respect for tradition and terroir. Since 1996 Countess Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini has run the estate.

  • Located in the coast of Tuscany in the upcoming and esoteric Colline Pisane area near Pisa.
  • Farmed and certified organic since 2003.
  • Certified biodynamic since 2018.

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Our Team

Ginevra Harvesting GrapesGinevra Venerosi-Pesciolini, Winemaker and proprietor

Countess Ginevra Venerosi-Pesciolini was born and raised in Pisa. The Venerosi-Pesciolini family settled in the Colline Pisane area in the 14th century. For 26 generations, the family has been growing vines, olive trees, and cereals with a deep respect for tradition and terroir.  Ginevra has run the estate since 1996.

Before joining her family's winery, Ginevra pursued a career in Publishing Houses (first in Milano then in Florence) with a focus on Marketing and Public Relations. In 1996 she joined her family’s winery. Her vision was to bring her family’s historic estate into the twenty-first century by introducing organic and sustainable farming practices.

“Our aim is to keep investing in biodynamic agriculture and viticulture to offer the market limited quantities of outstandingly high-quality products, reflecting the inherent characteristics offered by these gentle hills. Respect for nature, the place that sustains us and the people that live and work here; these are the principles that our family has always observed in its management of the Tenuta di Ghizzano estate and has handed down through the generations.”

As the Italian wine renaissance began to explode in the early 1990s, Ghizzano's wines quickly shot to the top of fine wine lists in Italian restaurants around the world, partially thanks to its collaboration with renowned Italian enologist Carlo Ferrini.

In 2003, Ginevra launched the farm's first biodynamic conversion; a radical idea in the staid circles of Tuscan winemaking. "I like to consider myself a 'natural winemaker,"' says Ginevra. "In other words, I try to allow my wines to express their terroir as purely and as honestly as possible.” Ginevra played a leading role in The Associazione Grandi Cru della Costa Toscana (the association of Tuscan coast winemakers), and is helping to establish the Terra di Pisa appellation.

Countess Ginevra currently resides in Pisa with her daughter. Her favorite destinations are Burgundy, Alsace, and Northern California.

Sustainable Practices:


Tenuta di Ghizzano has been farmed organically since 2003, and was certified in 2008 by Suolo e Salute (not only for the vineyards, but also the olive groves and seed crops). All wines will be certified “USDA made with organic grapes” beginning with the 2010 vintage.


Since 2006 biodynamic principles are employed achieving full Demeter certification in 2018. Ghizzano is a member of the Agricoltura Vivente, group of agricultural entrepreneurs from different fields, who exchange expert insight and shared knowledge. The turn towards biodynamics has shown measurable quality improvements.


Strong respect for land and place are rejected in efforts to produce clean energy and reduce water use through recycling. Instillation of photovalactic panels on the roof of the winery produce solar power for use in the winery. Rain water is collected and reused, including mixing with copper for treating downy and powdery mildew. Only recycled cardboard is used on case packaging and compost is sourced from local community recycling centers.