Château de Poncié

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Château de Poncié Vineyards
113 acres
949 AD
Cellar Master
Frédéric Weber
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The Roots of Beaujolais, The Charm of Burgundy

Château de Poncié is one of the oldest and most renowned estates in Fleurie, dating back to 949 AD and producing some of the finest wines from the best terroirs in Fleurie. At the end of the 19th century, Château de Poncié wines were even sold at the same price as those of Clos Vougeot! Today, Frédéric Weber, Bouchard Père & Fils Cellar Master, employs a Burgundian style in the winemaking and ageing. All barrels used at the domain come from Bouchard Père & Fils in Beaune, seasoned by the ageing of several vintages.

  • Exceptional Terroir: 40 distinctive terroirs, granite based soils giving the wines complex minerality and elegance.
  • Burgundian in style: no carbonic maceration, each plot vinified in small vats, with cold maceration followed by a long 8-12-day fermentation with gentle “pigeage.” 

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Fréderic Weber

Cellar Master

Frédéric Weber

Frédéric Weber has been working for Bouchard Père & Fils for over a decade. He also servesd as the Technical Manager for Maisons & Domaines Henriot’s Cru Beaujolais property in Fleurie, Château de Poncié, absorbing the culture and terroir of Burgundy.

Through precision vinification and careful assemblage of the multiple terroirs, we create wines with delicate balance between finesse and silkiness in a more Burgundian style - A homage to the Fleurie wines of the past.”

- Frédéric Weber, Bouchard Père & Fils and Château de Poncié Cellar Master


Born in Alsace, Frédéric Weber comes from a family with winemaking roots. After completing an internship in Champagne, he realized his passion for wine and turned his studies towards agronomy and oenology. Frédéric holds an engineering degree as well as a Master Degree in Agronomic Engineering and Oenology from Institute Jules Guyot in Dijon. After working in Champagne and the Rhône Valley for Domaine de Beaurenard, he arrived at Bouchard Père & Fils in 2002 and has remained there since. He was promoted to Cellar Master in 2013. He holds the terroir of each parcel in the highest regard and strives for the absolute respect each one demands – no compromises.

Frédéric resides in Ladoix Serrigny at the foot of the hill of Corton with his wife and two young daughters. He holds the 19th century Bouchard Père & Fils Grèves L'Enfant Jésus 1891 as the ultimate benchmark of Pinot Noir.

Sustainable Practices:

One of the top priorities at Domaine Château de Poncié has been to move the vineyards towards sustainable agriculture and then gradually to organic growing, without seeking official certification in the short term. As excessive weeding had impoverished the soil; the parcels have been grassed or ploughed and high precision spraying equipment has been used to protect the Gamay vines, which in the Beaujolais terroir are very delicate. Wire training has been introduced to increase the height, and improve the quality, of foliage to ensure optimum ripeness of the grapes. The soil has been revitalized by ploughing and the addition of compost produced on the domain to naturally fertilize the poor soils.